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Mr Varadharajan Iyer

Visiting Professor CAD/CAM, FEA,Quality Engg, Heat Transfer, Metal Fo... View Profile

Mr Ashok Ranade

Professor Digital Signal Processing, Information theory and ... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Chaudhary

Professor Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing, Blockchain... View Profile

Mr Pratik Trivedi

Professor VLSI Signal Processing, Computer Architecture, Fie... View Profile

Mr Anurag Lakhlani

Professor VLSI Technology and Design, Semiconductor Device C... View Profile

Ms Jaina Mehta

Professor Embedded System Design, Robotics... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kunzru

Professor Microstructured Reactors; Chemical Reaction Engine... View Profile

Dr Sunil Kale

Professor Heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, combustio... View Profile

Mr Mehul Raval

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Dharmesh Varade

Associate Professor Soft Matter, Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Surfac... View Profile

Dr Srikrishnan Divakaran

Associate Professor Design and Analysis of Algorithms for problems wit... View Profile

Dr Barbara Morawska

Associate Professor Unification theory, Description Logics, Ontologies... View Profile

Dr Shashi Prabh

Associate Professor Wireless networks, Internet of Things, Cyber-Physi... View Profile

Dr Nitinkumar Banker

Associate Professor Conventional and Heat Driven Refrigeration Systems... View Profile

Mr Mazad Zaveri

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Ms Mona Mehta

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Mitaxi Mehta

Assistant Professor Nonlinear dynamics, Mathematical Physics, Bio-info... View Profile

Dr Aditi Singhal

Assistant Professor Inorganic nanomaterials, Electrochemistry of Inorg... View Profile

Dr Dhaval Patel

Assistant Professor Applied Machine Learning, Spectrum Analytics, Cybe... View Profile

Dr Deepak Verma

Assistant Professor Thin Film Solar Cells and Photovoltaic Systems... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Goswami

Assistant Professor Cosmology, High Energy Physics... View Profile

Dr Dharamashi Rabari

Assistant Professor Ionic Liquids Applications, Extraction based Separ... View Profile

Dr Harshal Oza

Assistant Professor Control systems theory and its applications in Ind... View Profile

Dr Snigdha Khuntia

Assistant Professor Advanced oxidation processes, wastewater treatment... View Profile

Dr Sridhar Dalai

Assistant Professor Nano and micro materials preparation, Scale-up and... View Profile

Dr Shashi Prakash

Assistant Professor Laser Material Processing, Micromachining, Microfl... View Profile

Dr Leya Mathew

Assistant Professor socio-cultural transitions, economic liberalizatio... View Profile

Dr Arijit Ganguli

Assistant Professor Computational fluid dynamics of multiphase flows, ... View Profile

Dr Keyur Joshi

Assistant Professor Machine Vision, Digital Image Processing, Machine ... View Profile

Dr Kaveshgar Maryam

Assistant Professor Autonomous Driving, Active Safety, Control, Roboti... View Profile

Dr Vikash Pandey

Assistant Professor Theoretical physics; Fractional calculus; Power la... View Profile

Dr Shefali Naik

Assistant Professor Database Systems, Distributed Databases, Computer ... View Profile

Dr Aditya Patel

Assistant Professor Distributed Computing, Object Oriented Analysis an... View Profile

Dr Kuntal Patel

Assistant Professor Information Security, Cyber Security, Computer Net... View Profile

Mr Akhand Rai

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Saumya Malvia

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Narayan Padmanabhan

Adjunct Faculty Image Processing, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Mod... View Profile