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Dr Darshini Mahadevia

Professor urban studies, human and gender development, pover... View Profile

Dr Patrick French

Professor History... View Profile

Dr Raghavan Rangarajan

Professor cosmology and particle physics... View Profile

Dr Rama Ratnam

Professor Neuroscience, brain and behavior, sensory processi... View Profile

Mr Anjan Sen

Professor ... View Profile

Mr Sutapa Mukherji

Professor ... View Profile

Mr Tejaswini Niranjana

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Singh

Associate Professor Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology... View Profile

Dr Vivek Tanavde

Associate Professor Adult Stem Cells, miRNA regulation of cell differe... View Profile

Ms Mona Mehta

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Shilpa Pandit

Associate Professor I have deep expertise in applying psychology in di... View Profile

Mr Balaji Prakash

Associate Dean ... View Profile

Dr Aditi Deo

Assistant Professor Ethnomusicology, Cultural Entropology of India... View Profile

Dr Aditya Vaishya

Assistant Professor climate change, whose research interests include a... View Profile

Dr Apaar Kumar

Assistant Professor history of modern philosophy (especially Kant) to ... View Profile

Dr Aparajita Basu

Assistant Professor intellectual and cultural history of the subcontin... View Profile

Dr Ashwin Pande

Assistant Professor Topology and Geometry, Nonequilibrium Physics and ... View Profile

Dr Divita Singh

Assistant Professor Visual Attention, Emotion, Self-referential proces... View Profile

Dr Joseph Van Weelden

Assistant Professor Ethics... View Profile

Dr Karthik Rao Cavale

Assistant Professor spatial political economy, urban and regional hist... View Profile

Dr Keita Omi

Assistant Professor Political ScienceĀ ... View Profile

Dr Krishna Swamy

Assistant Professor Molecular Biophysics Unit... View Profile

Dr Manish Datt

Assistant Professor Bioinformatics, computational biophysics, data sci... View Profile

Dr Mary Ann Chacko

Assistant Professor Education, Citizenship, Gender... View Profile

Dr Maya Ratnam

Assistant Professor environmental history and anthropology of India... View Profile

Dr Murari Kumar Jha

Assistant Professor economic and environmental history of the Mughal E... View Profile

Dr Noopur Thakur

Assistant Professor Signaling, Cancer and Epigenetics... View Profile

Dr Ratna Ghosal

Assistant Professor Ecology, Animal behavior, Conservation biology... View Profile

Dr Ritesh Kumar Shukla

Assistant Professor Forensic Sciences (Biology, Chemistry), Nano biote... View Profile

Dr Samuel Wright

Assistant Professor History of ideas,history of knowledge, Sanskrit Kn... View Profile

Dr Sarthak Bagchi

Assistant Professor patronage politics, populism, electoral politics, ... View Profile

Dr Shishir Saxena

Assistant Professor epistemological debates within the Indian philosop... View Profile

Dr Sourav Sarkar

Assistant Professor Political Economy and Development Economics... View Profile

Dr Souvik Sen Gupta

Assistant Professor Anti-leishmanial therapeutics, Molecular Parasitol... View Profile

Dr Subhash Rajpurohit

Assistant Professor Genetic basis of climate adaptation, metabolic eco... View Profile

Dr Arijit Ganguli

Assistant Professor Computational fluid dynamics of multiphase flows, ... View Profile

Dr Leya Mathew

Assistant Professor socio-cultural transitions, economic liberalizatio... View Profile

Dr Alok Shukla

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Kaushik Jana

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Ms Manomohini Dutta

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Rahul Sarwate

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Rajesh Naidu

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Saumya Malvia

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Ritesh Kumar Shukla

Assistant Professor Forensic Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and applied)... View Profile

Mr Soumen Ghosh

Assistant Professor ... View Profile