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Ms Vandana Chak

Visiting Professor Legal Principles of Governance, Entrepreneurship L... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Chandra

Vice Chancellor Operational Research, Supply Chain, Applied Mathem... View Profile

Mr Amrita Bihani

Senior Lecturer ... View Profile

Dr Preeti Maneck

Professor Comparative Literature, Post-Colonial Literature, ... View Profile

Dr Vibha Tripathi

Professor Corporate Accounting,Management Accounting,IFRS Co... View Profile

Dr Jatin Christie

Professor Organizational Behaviour, Learning and Development... View Profile

Mr Kunal Mankodi

Professor Business Clusters and SMEs Competitiveness, Busine... View Profile

Dr Zalak Shah

Professor Consumer Behaviour, Branding, Bottom of the Pyrami... View Profile

Mr Nimit Thaker

Professor Corporate Governance, Direct and Indirect Taxes , ... View Profile

Ms Poonam Dugar

Professor Accounting, Taxation and Venture Capital/ Private ... View Profile

Mr Saumil Shah

Professor Finance, Accounting and Control... View Profile

Dr Sujo Thomas

Professor Cause-related marketing, online grocery retailing ... View Profile

Ms Binny Rawat

Professor Financial Accounting, Financial Services, Cost and... View Profile

Dr Neha Gadhvi

Professor Life testing and Reliability, Inferential Statisti... View Profile

Ms Pratishtha Pandya

Professor Higher Education, Globalization, Social and Cultur... View Profile

Dr Sudhir Kumar Pandey

Professor Communication , Urban Culture and Virtual Communic... View Profile

Dr Devanath Tirupati

Professor Operations Management... View Profile

Dr Ramadhar Singh

Professor Organizational Behavior, Experimental Social Psych... View Profile

Dr Jeemol Unni

Professor Labour Economics, Development Studies, Economics o... View Profile

Mr AVK Mohan

Professor Human Resources... View Profile

Dr Bibek Banerjee

Professor Marketing Management... View Profile

Mr Pankaj Vaish

Professor Technology Driven Transformation, Startegy and Pro... View Profile

Mr Ravi Miglani

Professor Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior... View Profile

Mr Bhargav Adhvaryu

Professor ... View Profile

Mr Kamal Ghosh Ray

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Parag Patel

Associate Professor Finance, Accounting and Control, Management... View Profile

Dr Pallavi Vyas

Associate Professor Labor Economics, Human Capital Theory, Public Heal... View Profile

Dr Vinodh Madhavan

Associate Professor Nonlinear Time Series Analysis, long memory, chaos... View Profile

Dr Mahendra Singh Rao

Associate Professor Consumer Psychology, Numerical Cognition, ... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Barot

Assistant Professor Reliability and Life-testing, Bayesian Inferences,... View Profile

Dr Mita Suthar

Assistant Professor Macroeconometrics, Industrial Economics, Cultural ... View Profile

Dr Saptam Patel

Assistant Professor Gender Studies, Women's Studies, Communication, Fi... View Profile

Mr Vaibhav Kadia

Assistant Professor Finance, Accounting and Control... View Profile

Mr Chirag Trivedi

Assistant Professor Culture Studies, Minority Studies, Indian Classica... View Profile

Dr Darshana Padia

Assistant Professor Social Media, Digital Media, Gender, Human Develop... View Profile

Dr Sonal Yadav

Assistant Professor Labour Economics, Development Economics, Economics... View Profile

Dr Bhaktida Trivedi

Assistant Professor Distributions, Misclassification, Inferential Stat... View Profile

Dr Ekta Sharma

Assistant Professor Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Managemen... View Profile

Dr Jinal Parikh

Assistant Professor Quantitative Techniques and Marketing... View Profile

Dr Bijal Mehta

Assistant Professor Marketing of services, Digital Communication, Entr... View Profile

Dr Paragi Shah

Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship and Marketing Management... View Profile

Dr Hetal Jhaveri

Assistant Professor Financial Services, Banking, Entrepreneurial Finan... View Profile

Dr Himani Baxi

Assistant Professor Public Finance and Public Policy Urban finance... View Profile

Dr Shilpa Bhat

Assistant Professor South Asian Narratives, Canadian Studies, Diaspora... View Profile

Dr Siddharth Saxena

Assistant Professor Data Analytics, Future of work, Dark side of Organ... View Profile

Ms Tana Trivedi

Assistant Professor Postcolonial studies, Diaspora studies, Gender stu... View Profile

Dr Vivek Bhatt

Assistant Professor Decision sciences, Simulations, and Fuzzy inferenc... View Profile

Dr Abrar Ali Saiyed

Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship and Internationalization in Emerg... View Profile

Dr Aparajith Ramnath

Assistant Professor History of Technology, History and Philosophy of S... View Profile

Dr Amol Agrawal

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, Economic History, and Financial Ma... View Profile

Dr Supratim Dasgupta

Assistant Professor Resource and Environmental Economics, Energy Econo... View Profile

Dr Ishita Tripathi

Assistant Professor Microeconomics, Cultural Economics, Political Econ... View Profile

Dr Samvet Kuril

Assistant Professor Management and Organisations... View Profile

Dr Swati Ghulyani

Assistant Professor Human Resources... View Profile

Mr Puneet Arora

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Rahul Singh

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Vedant Dev

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Aravind Panicker

Adjunct Faculty Consumer Studies, Innovation and Leadership... View Profile

Ms Mruga Pandya

Adjunct Faculty Human Resources... View Profile